Beloved entertainer Hob the Troll has been performing at Renaissance festivals, libraries, corporate events, and personal parties for over a decade now!

Hob started out as part of the resident cast at the Michigan Renaissance Festival in Holly before transitioning to a stage act in Battle Creek, Michigan. Soon enough, he started doing festivals out of state to the Bay Area Renaissance Festival in Tampa, Florida. Mixing comedy, music, improv, and a flare for the dramatics, he branched out to appearing at libraries, vaudeville and variety shows to critical acclaim.

Then came the albums. The debut of HOB SINGS is still one of the best selling CDs sold at Renaissance Festivals thanks to massive undercutting, and hits like “I Hate Goats”, and “Trolls Need Loving Too”! Shortly after, a Christmas album was released entitled TROLL THE ANCIENT YULETIDE CAROLS. It was a collection of some of Hob’s favorite Christmas songs, and probably would have won some awards if that sort of thing existed.

The next avenue Hob sent out to conquer was the vast wasteland of the internet! The HobCast features guests from Renaissance festivals, as well as stars of stage and screen!

Hob keeps traveling, making friends, singin’ and a-playin’!


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  1. mike says:

    Loved the Rodney Anonymous episode! You’re knowledgeable and entertaining. Good stuff.

  2. Lisa says:

    It was great seeing you and hearing you play your songs… Look forward to the next Evinger family event you play at. Thanks for the laughs your fan Lisa

  3. Posted a pic from the 2014 Tampa Bay Area Renaissance Fair of you there. Hope you like the mention. Will be doing more of the kind with the other pics I took. In 2016 hope to get an interview with you so I can get better pics and more of your story too, You are so much fun to watch. My whole family loves your show.

  4. Caitlin says:

    This is the best about page I’ve ever seen.

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